MPower – Changing the Future of Power Distribution

MPower - Changing the Future of Power DistributionMedia Release – Thursday 5 September, 2013

For Immediate Release

MPower, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tag Pacific Limited and leading power systems provider has secured a contract with SP AusNet to provide turnkey energy storage systems for their Residential Storage Trial Project.

The technology developed by MPower has the potential to significantly improve how consumers use energy from power networks due in part to the fact consumer energy demands from power networks are not constant.

Peak demands can stress the capacity of power networks, particularly in the summer when many consumers use multiple appliances such as air-conditioning at the same time.

As emerging technologies such as electric vehicles become more widespread, peak demand is likely to occur more frequently.

SP AusNet’s Distributed Energy and Innovation Manager, Terry Jones, said “SP AusNet is committed to providing our customers with a safe and reliable supply of electricity through efficient investment.”

“As such, we have used varying demand management initiatives, including embedded generation and demand management techniques to financially incentivise large business customers to modify their demand, within our Victorian electricity distribution network.

“Our two-year trial using MPower’s technology is another example to explore customer solutions to reduce peak demand,” he said.

MPower has designed a system to solve peak demand issues.

This technology is flexible, scalable and easily integrates with domestic electricity infrastructure, providing a viable solution to this common problem.

Put simply, the system monitors power demands in individual households and stores power that is utilised in peak-load periods, thereby reducing the demand on the network and energy costs for the householder.

The technology incorporates advanced lithium ion batteries, bi-directional inverters overseen by intelligent programmable controllers capable of being monitored and controlled remotely.

Roof-mounted solar photo voltaic (PV) panels are used to charge the storage system.

MPower Projects Managing Director, Anthony Csillag said “MPower is proud to be working with SP AusNet on a project that has the potential to change the way households access energy”.

“We view this technology as the future of residential power distribution with many utility companies turning to energy storage systems as a solution to existing infrastructure constraints”, he said.

MPower has extensive experience in power storage and conversion and is committed to developing power solutions across a range of capabilities.

For media enquires contact MPower on +612 8788 4600 or email .


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