MPower Wins Landmark Energy Storage Project

MPower Wins Landmark Energy Storage Project

Media Release – Friday 19 December, 2014

For Immediate Release

In an Australian first, leading power solutions provider, MPower, has won an EPC contract to deliver a utility scale energy storage facility.

The facility, to be installed in Queensland, is significant because it represents Australia’s largest energy storage project to be operated alongside a solar power plant.

Anthony Csillag, Managing Director of MPower Projects, observed that the project would demonstrate the viability of energy storage for large solar power plant applications.

The ability to utilise renewable energy when it’s needed, as opposed to when it’s generated, provides a major benefit to distribution networks that are required to provide a predictable, reliable and constant flow of electricity.

Without energy storage, variable weather conditions can lead to unpredictable power output from renewable sources.

This can be resolved by storing the electrical energy that is generated during periods of excess capacity and then releasing it during periods of peak demand.

“Energy storage is a new frontier, with MPower leading the way in Australia. Fundamentally, this landmark energy storage project allows relatively large levels of power to be stored from solar generated power, or any other source, for use when required – in effect time shifting the generated power,” said Mr Csillag.

“The proliferation of this storage technology will facilitate greater uptake of renewable energy as the power generated becomes available on demand and not just when the sun is shining or when there is sufficient wind.”

The contract is valued at approximately $2 million and employs approximately 800 kilowatt hours of lithium-ion battery storage. The energy storage facility will sit alongside a multi-megawatt solar power plant that is currently under construction.

“What is unique in the MPower solution is the scale, flexibility and capability being built into the management and control systems. It allows programmability to cater for a wide variety of scenarios,” said Mr Csillag.

“The technology can also be used to assist in demand management. Some power distribution assets are capacity constrained during peak power consumption periods. We believe MPower’s energy storage system will be able to offset the peak demand at a fraction of the capital cost involved in upgrading the power distribution infrastructure,” concluded Mr Csillag.

The landmark energy storage facility builds on the expertise developed by MPower following its residential storage project developed in partnership with AusNet Services and three remote area grid stabilisation systems developed for Power & Water Corporation.

Unlike many companies involved in renewable energy, MPower has focused on the smart ancillary technology that increases the viability of renewable energy.

MPower’s renewables business is a high growth area that is starting to bear the fruit of MPower’s research and development in energy storage during the last three years.

For media enquires contact MPower’s Marketing Communication Coordinator on +61 2 8788 4600 or email


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