Off-Grid Power Systems Delivered for Remote Infrastructure Project

  • Two of 10 remote renewable systems have been delivered
  • Sophisticated design features solar PV arrays, battery energy storage and control systems
  • Strong relationship with Jemena being developed


MPower announced today that it has commenced delivery of the first of several sophisticated off-grid DC power systems for the Northern Gas Pipeline, which runs between Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory to Mount Isa in Queensland. The pipeline is being constructed by Jemena.


MPower’s bespoke renewable power systems integrate a mix of solar PV arrays, battery energy storage and a sophisticated control system designed to provide cathodic protection along the length of the 623km pipeline. By integrating the various aspects of the system, MPower is facilitating pipeline protection against corrosion. The remote location and the requirement for reliable and continuous power where there is no access to network power present challenges that fall within MPower’s core expertise.


MPower has been engaged to design and construct ten autonomous remote power systems to be delivered in stages between now and early 2018. The high specification renewable systems, to be installed at remote stations along the pipeline, incorporate inbuilt redundancy and will support the ongoing operation of the critical infrastructure project.


“We’re delighted to be delivering a world-class solution to this important infrastructure project” commented Nathan Wise, CEO of MPower’s ASX-listed parent, Tag Pacific. “MPower is known for its capability in providing high-reliability power solutions for critical applications. We have drawn on our vast experience in remote renewable power systems and integrated battery energy storage to design a sophisticated solution that meets the demanding requirements of the Northern Gas Pipeline.”


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