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Queensland Reaping the Benefits of Renewable Energy

Queensland is quickly earning its title as Sunshine State in more ways than one. A new solar farm on the horizon demonstrates the impact of renewable energy throughout the region, particularly improving access to power in rural areas. Moreover, it showcases the opportunities for solar power to work with current non-renewable energy systems to create a facility that is capable of utilising […] ... Read More

Will LNG Overtake Coal as Australia’s Primary Energy Resource?

Shutdowns, cutbacks and other actions characteristic of contraction are common among many of Australia’s mines. The minerals boom has passed, and many decision-makers are learning that a significant number of operations are no longer feasible. Coal mines are no exception to this depreciation. According to IBISWorld, Australia’s black coal mining sector has experienced negative annual […] ... Read More

What Role Does LNG Play in Queensland’s Energy Supply?

Energy production continues to diversify across Australia as more companies seek the benefits of renewable energy such as solar power systems. Another option that is rising in popularity is liquefied natural gas (LNG) which, according to the Australian government, is widely known as a safe, convenient and clean form of energy. Moreover, liquefying natural gas […] ... Read More

World-Class Australian LNG Project to Receive Final Power Solution Component

Media Release – Thursday 18 February, 2016 For Immediate Release Today, Australia and New Zealand’s leading power solutions provider, MPower dispatched the final critical component to complete two 2.1 megawatt emergency generators for the world-class Ichthys LNG Project. The last of two 20 tonne radiators will be shipped from Sydney and assembled onto the Central […] ... Read More

Final Components for two 1.9MW Emergency Generators Shipped to South Korea for World-Class Project

Media Release – Friday 2 September 2015 For Immediate Release Leading oil and gas power solutions provider, MPower has dispatched the final critical components to complete two 1.9MW emergency generator sets, custom designed and constructed for the world-class Ichthys Project Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading facility (FPSO). In April 2013, MPower was awarded the contract […] ... Read More

Natural Gas a Growing Sector

Australia has rapidly become a leader in the natural gas space, and is expected to continue growing over coming years as new projects come online to meet international demand. Driving this increase in demand is a significant upswing in imports from East Asian economies. The scope of this growth has been underscored by recent research […] ... Read More

Australia Grows its Share of Global LNG Production

The Australian LNG market is continuing to see major growth, with the country emerging as a major player in the liquid natural gas (LNG) market thanks to strong demand from Asia. That’s the finding from the most recent research from the International Group of Liquefied Natural Gas Importers, which has revealed data on the state of […] ... Read More

LNG Expected to See Continued Growth

Liquid natural gas (LNG) developments in Australia and around the world are seeing continued growth, thanks in part to expanding demand from East Asia and increasing investment in new developments. With projects like the Gorgon gas platform also moving forward, the industry is primed for considerable future growth as overseas demand for gas builds around the […] ... Read More

MPower Dispatches Emergency Generators for Roy Hill

Media Release – Friday 24 April 2015 For Immediate Release Today, leading power solutions provider MPower has dispatched four emergency generator sets, designed and manufactured for the Roy Hill project, rail and port facilities. In July 2014, MPower was awarded a significant contract with Samsung C&T Corporation to design, engineer, manufacture and commission emergency diesel […] ... Read More

RBA: LNG to be Australia’s Second Largest Commodity Export by 2018

Australia’s liquid natural gas (LNG) industry has seen considerable growth in recent months, driven in part by the increase in new LNG projects that are either already online or in the construction phase. In fact, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has recently announced forecasts for the growth of the country’s LNG sector over the next […] ... Read More

Another Successful Outcome, MPower Delivers 5MW Generator Sets for Gorgon Project

Media Release – Monday 17 February, 2014 For Immediate Release Australia and New Zealand’s leading integrated power solutions provider, MPower has dispatched two 2.5MW generator sets for the Gorgon Project located on Barrow Island in Western Australia. These black-start generator sets will provide crucial power for the administration buildings on the island. MPower fully designed, […] ... Read More

MPower Celebrates Factory Testing Milestone of 20MW

Media Release – Wednesday 12 March, 2014 For Immediate Release Australia and New Zealand’s leading integrated power solutions provider, MPower, has reached one of its largest milestones to date, factory testing a combined 20MW of power systems over the summer period of 2013/2014. This record combines some of the company’s largest commercial, oil, gas and […] ... Read More

Integrated Power Packages That Last the Distance

Media Release – 2 April, 2014 For Immediate Release Australia’s leading integrated power solutions provider MPower has been supplying robust power generating systems for the mining industry for more than thirty years. With iron ore mining sites primarily located in North West Australia, varying from the hot, dry and dusty interior mine sites to the […] ... Read More

MPower to Design and Supply Integrated Power Solutions for Roy Hill Project

  Media Release – Thursday July 29, 2014 For Immediate Release Australia and New Zealand’s leading power solutions provider, MPower is proud to announce the company’s success, accepting a significant contract with Samsung C&T Corporation to design, engineer, manufacture and commission emergency diesel generators for the Roy Hill Project’s Rail Marshalling Yard and Port Land […] ... Read More

MPower Completes Emergency Generator Design for Roy Hill

Media Release – Thursday 30 October 2014 For Immediate Release Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific’s leading power solutions provider, MPower has completed the design phase for the Roy Hill Iron Ore Mine Project and has now commenced the manufacturing phase with an expected completion date of March 2015. In July 2014, MPower was awarded […] ... Read More

MPower Dispatches 4.2MW Generators for World-Class Australian Project

Media Release – Tuesday 16 December, 2014 For Immediate Release Australian owned and operated power solutions provider MPower has designed and engineered power generation for the past 30 years, integrating solutions to suit critical applications for oil, gas, mining and commercial industries. Recently the power generation provider reached a major milestone, factory testing and dispatching […] ... Read More

Another win for MPower – two contracts for INPEX Ichthys Gas Project

Media Release – Wednesday 24 April, 2013 For Immediate Release Australian owned and operated oil and gas power provider, MPower is pleased to announce the acquisition of two contracts to design, construct and commission emergency power systems for the world-class Ichthys Project, located in the waters off Western Australia. Against international competition, the first of […] ... Read More

MPower – Generating Power for Westmead Millennium Institute

Media Release – Wednesday 3 May, 2013 For Immediate Release MPower, Australia and New Zealand’s leading dependable power generation provider is pleased to announce a working partnership with Stowe Australia and the Abi Group to design, install and commission an emergency generator system for the Westmead Millennium Institute. Westmead Millennium Institute is a world-class medical […] ... Read More

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