Power Conversion

Power Conversion


MPower systems extend to electronic AC and DC uninterruptable and continuous power systems. MPower has designed and manufactured a range of power systems, including hybrid power systems utilised by the utilities, oil and gas and mining sectors. Some of these power system application sites include Sino Iron Ore, Condomine Power Station, Kipper Tuna Turrum Project, the Shell Corio plant in Geelong and Shell Bukom, Pulau in Singapore. MPower’s own Westpower rectifiers enable the group to supply Australian and International markets with electro-winning rectifiers used in metal recovery as well as plating rectifiers.

Power conversion underpins our green power offering through energy efficient inverter technology, storage power and electricity grid support. Applications include demand management systems, large scale grid connect solar power stations, and diesel hybrid power systems.

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Industrial Battery Chargers and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

MPower manufacturers a range of SCR battery chargers designed for reliability in extreme environments including applications in mining, petrochemical, emergency lighting, marine and offshore, substations, defence and railways and can be supplied for most battery chemistries, from single cells up to 600V, 500A.
Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) for industrial applications are engineered for customer specifications to supply essential site loads. Custom designed systems incorporate online double conversion technology, static transfer bypass switch and a range of options including isolation transformers, battery monitoring, user interface panels and custom fabricated enclosures.  Systems are often provided with a control and communications interface to plant DCS or SCADA.
In addition, MPower offer full installation, commissioning and on-going service.

Custom Designed Rectifiers and Power Supplies

MPower manufactures high current rectifiers for a wide range of industrial applications, including thyristor controlled transformer rectifiers and power controllers.  Our experience and origins go back many decades, manufacturing custom rectifier equipment under the WestPower Rectifiers brand.

Features include current and voltage control, water or air-cooling, forward and reverse polarity operation, output smoothing, process timing incl. process complete siren and remote control panels.  MPower also refurbishes, repairs and upgrades legacy rectifiers either in-situ or at our factory.   

Typical rectifier applications include electroplating and anodising, ectrowinning and metal recovery, chlorine production and desalination, electrophoretic painting, DC motor drives, traction and generator excitation supplies, airfield lighting and cathodic protection

Typical power controller applications include temperature control for furnaces and ovens, glass and silicon cell production, voltage regulation and static VAR compensation.

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