Military Power Systems

Military Power Systems


We understand that equipment used in military applications need to be durable and designed for all-terrain that’s why we offer products and solutions that last the distance. We are a trusted organisation and are an accredited supplier to the Australian Defence Department.

Our military range of products and solutions include mobile floodlight trailers, military generators, including in-service 2.5kVA AC, 16kVA 3ph AC, 1.3KW 14/28V DC and 2.0KW 28V DC generator sets and military load-banks including in-service 200KW AC.

MPower’s purpose-built military generators are designed for extreme environmental conditions with special attention given to difficult transportation situations, high and low ambient temperatures, high dust and moisture conditions. Each provides uncompromising performance, power quality and low harmonic distortion in all service conditions. All products within the military range provide exceptional power quality in excess of the military requirements.

In the face of international competition, MPower has repeatedly won successful Department of Defence contracts for generating sets and floodlight trailers; we comply with the stringent requirements requested by the Department and are an accredited supplier to the Australian Department of Defence.


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