Mining, Oil and Gas Power Systems

Oil, Gas and Mining Power Systems


MPower is an industry leader providing innovative, reliable power solutions on a national and international level. Our capabilities are like no other; we combine new and old technologies with a skilled and experienced workforce to create dependable power systems that last the distance. Put simply, we have the energy to deliver and can create solutions from engineering and technical support to full turn-key systems.

Our impressive portfolio is a testament to our positioning in the market, delivering a range of power systems to many industries including oil and gas, mining, defence and construction. Just some of the projects we have delivered include:

  •     Gorgon Temporary Power Station
  •     Sino Iron Ore
  •     ConocoPhillips Bayu Undan Project
  •     Gorgon Administration Building Project
  •     Yarnima Project
  •     Woodside NR2 Development 
  •     Roy Hill Iron Ore Mine Project
  •     McArthur River Power Station
  •     Ichthys FPSO (Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading)
  •     Ichthys CPF (Central Processing Facility) Project


As an industry leader, we are continually investing in research and development to maintain our stance within the power generation sector. Our approach ensures our commitment to quality, reliability and innovation is preserved at all times.

From its core expertise, MPower expanded into the oil and gas markets in the late 90s. MPower supplied Conoco Phillips Petroleum two continuously rated power plants on the unmanned Wellhead Platform in their Bayu Undan Gas Recycle Project in the East Timor Sea.

A further two sets were delivered in November 2001 providing emergency and standby power for CUQ (Compression, Utilities and Quarters Platform) and DPP (Drilling, Production and Processing Platform).

These orders were secured against worldwide competition endorsing the company’s design flexibility and internationally recognised engineering ability.

MPower has progressively enhanced its capabilities over the years and in 2010 supplied two power packages for the Woodside NR2 project. The designs and proof testing were carried out using SOLIDWORKS 3D® modelling tools with Finite Element Analysis (FEA) on all structures carried out by our fully qualified in-house mechanical engineers. Plant and equipment were designed based around 30 year life expectancy. The construction, wiring to EXd standards, PLC programming, configuration, testing and commissioning are all carried out by in-house trades persons and electrical engineers.

MPower also secured the contract to supply the Chevron Gorgon Gas Project a 28MW rated power plant with a SCADA based power management system for the entire plant during the project’s construction and commissioning phase. As with the Woodside projects, the designs ensure survival against harsh environmental conditions including Category 5 cyclones. Other key design features included a reduced footprint to minimise the environmental impact on Barrow Island and a minimal  modular  transportable  installation package.

Cathodic Protection Systems

Cathodic Protection involves protecting steel structures from corrosion by applying a direct current between the structure and an earth point.

Because many structures, such as underground pipelines, are located some distance from mains power, solar power is used as a convenient and readily available source of energy for supplying this protection current. Battery storage enables the system to operate reliably under all conditions.

Solar powered cathodic protection (CP) is being used extensively on gas and oilfields in Central Australia and associated pipelines to Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and many other centres.

Design and prefabrication of a ready to install kit is performed in our Adelaide based facility operating to certified ISO9001 Quality Standards. We can also offer an installation service for the entire system with the exception of ground-bed preparation and final CP output set-up.

Designing systems for desert conditions has led to high standards of equipment protection and reliability. Electrical enclosures and battery boxes are passively cooled and ventilated but are resistant to moisture, dust, insects and animals.

All electronic equipment is designed for high ambient temperatures and systems carry extensive protection against lightning -induced surges coming from the pipeline or structure. System design allows for factory pre-wiring and testing for reliability and ease of installation.

We combine extensive solar experience, electric/electronic design and assembly and steel fabrication facilities. This means that the system configuration. metering and control can be supplied to meet the specific requirements of each job. The solar array is designed to meet the protection load irrespective of seasonal variations. MPower use extensive solar data in a system-modelling program designed to optimise the solar array for any application.

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