Service of Standby & Continuous Power Systems

Service of Standby & Continuous Power Systems


Asset management and preventative maintenance are essential in the operation of all emergency power systems to ensure they are in working order in critical moments when power is lost. Often it is the vital equipment such as emergency power generation that is forgotten, and placed last on the maintenance ‘to do’ list.

MPower provide power solutions to all capabilities including service and exclusively offer our clients peace of mind and assurance through our MPartner packages.

Being an MPartner customer means you don’t need to worry about scheduling a service or not knowing what it will cost. All of these issues have been taken care of with a comprehensive program designed to suit all requirements.

Our packages are flexible and all of our partnered customers have access to our 24/7 emergency service with fixed hourly rates for all small works that are non-tendered so your business can budget ahead of time. Whether you need a weekly, monthly or quarterly service, MPower can work with your business to provide a service that suits your needs.

MPower’s technicians are highly skilled and qualified so you can be sure you will receive quality workmanship and reliability. We have experience across a range of power solutions including diesel, gas and trigeneration.


MPartner Program


For customers that require regular servicing and some extras, the Gold MPartner package offers customers assurance and reliability.



For customers that require minimal maintenance, the Silver MPartner package offers customers a package that is economical and reliable.


To find out more about becoming an MPartner customer, contact MPower today. Please phone +61 2 8788 4600 or email

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