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A standalone power plant supporting Australia’s largest single power generating unit

Project name:

Kogan Creek SPP

Project value:
$3 Million


Renewable Power Systems


CS Energy


Kogan Creek, Queensland

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About the Kogan Creek SPP

Kogan Creek Power Station features Australia’s largest single generating unit and is a major baseload generator in the National Electricity Market.

MPower’s standby power system is used to supply power to Kogan Creek Power Station during major overhauls and to ensure safe shutdown of the unit in the event of loss of network supply.

The successful delivery of this project demonstrates the value MPower brings to ensuring reliability for critical applications.

The project features a high technical specification, including sophisticated controls and a power interlocking system. The critical nature of this application is highlighted by the N+1 configuration that was provided by MPower, whereby the failure of any one component must not render the system inoperable.


Additional case studies

MPower has successfully delivered a wide range of renewable and conventional power systems across the region.


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